Our Mission

"Endowing Community Support for the Arts Through the Education of its Children"

Art Infusion

Arts infused curriculum places the arts within every subject. Our research shows that learning by singing, dancing, drumming or drawing deepens understanding, increases retention and creates a joyful learning environment for teachers as well as students. Project CREATES brings the best of Tulsa’s professional artists to work directly with teachers in the classroom to teach every subject. Teachers and artists are supported by coaches who have experience in both education and the arts. Project CREATES has changed many students’ lives, giving them an outlet to express themselves. Arts infused curriculum is a tool that enables children to make sense of and to navigate this complex world.

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The Conservatory arose out of the desire of its founders, Dr. and Mrs. Barthelmes, to establish a place where excellent music education was available to everyone in the community. Just before the start of World War II, Albert and Hete Barthelmes immigrated to Tulsa from their native Germany. They helped found the German American Society of Tulsa and were supportive patrons of a wide range of performing arts in Tulsa.


The Barthelmes Conservatory was founded and started its pilot program at the University Methodist Church.


Aida Aydinyan joined the Conservatory as the Executive Director. Mrs. Aydinyan brought a rigorous and refined Armenian Music Scholar perspective to the Conservatory. Under her leadership, the Conservatory adopted a new vision and became an umbrella for its two divisions: Music School and Music Center, located in the Bernsen Building, downtown Tulsa.


Now a seven-year-old nonprofit organization, the Barthelmes Conservatory provides the best in music education IN Tulsa and FOR Tulsa.

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